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If you are having difficulty sending e-mails using a program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, please check the following:

Please Note: Email Clients are third party software, even though Host 99 supports these clients we do not offer advanced support for them, for advanced support regarding your client please contact your email cleint manufacture.

- Is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocking external SMTP servers from being used when you are on their network? Contact your ISP and ask them what SMTP server you should be using.
- Ensure that you have your SMTP server setup correctly. The server will be your domain name. You also need to check that you have it setup to authenticate with your mailbox username and password.

Please check the following basic settings to ensure they are configured correctly for each email account:

1. Incoming Mail Server: (Replace with your actual domain

2. Outgoing Mail Server: (Replace with your actual domain

3. Incoming Port: 995

4. Outgoing Port: 25, 26 or 587 > 587 is most common and secured

5. My Server Requires Authentication Must Be Active (Not Required In ThunderBird)

6. Username: Use the full email address with the @ sign not the +. The + indicator will cause emails to fail sending or receiving.

7. SSL/TSL must be enabled to send or receive emails

NOTICE: Host-99's servers are custom configured. cPanel auto configurations will not work when trying to setup your email clients



Do not set the auto email check limit to ONE MINUTE. Be sure to set the Autocheck time limit to minimum of 10 minutes. If you have multiple email accounts be sure to set each email account to check emails 10 minutes apart. Otherwise, your ip address could be blocked (See Check For Blockage) from the email servers due to consistent checking causing a false flag of a hacking session. This option is required to be able to use an email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express. It applies to all email clients.

If neither of the above appear to be the problem, please contact our support team and we will do our best to assist you.

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