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Do I need to become PCI DSS compliant if I don't use a computer to process credit cards? Yes. Even though you may not process cards using a computer, your business still needs to... Does validating PCI compliance guarantee a data breach will not occur? PCI compliance requirements were put in place specifically to help protect merchants from a... My account has just been created, what now? You should login to your ASV account and begin the process of becoming PCI Compliant. Some... PCI Compliance External Links PCI Security Standards Council PCI DSS Requirements Federal Trade Commission Glossary of Terms... PCI Compliance Shared Hosting, is it possible? Yes, it is possible. All merchants (entities that accept credit cards) are required to be PCI... PCI Resource Section PCI Compliance External Links Official PCI Security Standards Site Full PCI Data Security... What does this mean for my business? Becoming PCI compliant and maintaining that status will help you reduce threats to your... What happens if I don't become PCI compliant? If you don't become PCI compliant, potentially you put your business and customers card data at... What if I only process a few cards a year, do I still need to be PCI compliant? Yes. Even though you may only process a few transactions, you still need to implement the data... What is Host 99s role in PCI compliance? Host 99 assists merchants in meeting compliance and implementing Payment Card Industry Data... What is PCI DSS compliance? The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was established by the major card... What is PCI False Positives? This answers the most common asked question.. I signed up with Host 99 or another host and the... What is PCI compliance? Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance refers to a set of standards created to help protect... What is Site Certification? Host 99's hosting practices helps merchants quickly and easily validate PCI compliance. Host 99... What is a validation type? SAQ Type Description SAQ: V1.2 1 Card-not-present (e-commerce or... What is required to become PCI DSS compliant? Depending on how you process cards determines your validation type and your requirements to... What is the deadline to become PCI compliant? For most merchants the deadline for compliance has already passed ( What is the difference between a Desktop Check and Site Certification? The Desktop Check is designed for any user whose computer is connected to the Internet. The user... Who is enforcing validation PCI DSS compliance? The Payment Card Brands have mandated the standards and your merchant processor is enforcing... Who is required to become PCI compliant? All businesses that process, view, or store credit card information are required by the Payment... Why haven't I heard of PCI compliance until now? PCI compliance standards have existed for years. ALL merchants, regardless of what payment...

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