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Are Host 99's mysql databases unicode compatible? Yes, Host 99 MySQL databases are Unicode compatible. Can I Block an Entire Region or Country from Seeing My Site? You can block visitors from viewing your website by their IP address. In addition, countries have... Can I add an auto responder to my emails? An auto responder can be setup in cPanel to respond to any incoming emails with a... Can I change my cPanel username? Unfortunately our system does not allow a change of username as the system uses your current... Can I execute shell exec() function on PHP or it is prohibited? Shell exec() is supported on Host 99's dedicated server plans but not currently on our shared... Can I have register globals turned on? We do not recommend that you use register globals. However, they can turned on if you... Can I set 'always populate raw post data' in the php.ini file? By default, this feature is off. You can submit a ticket and request this feature to be... Can I set permissions to 777? It is not recommended to change your permissions to 777 as other users on the server as well... Do I get a Site Seal when I purchase an SSL Certificate? Yes, you do receive a Site Seal when you purchase an SSL Certificate in the form of static image... Do I use localhost or remotemysqlhost for my mysql connection? You can view whether your account is using localhost or remotemysql host in your cPanel... Do shared servers have pear php installed? All of Host 99 shared servers have pear PHP installed on them. Do we support ffmpeg? Host 99's dedicated hosting plans allow any application to be installed including... Do you support .htpasswd? All Host 99's plans support .htpasswd. Do you support Django? Django is supported on Host 99's dedicated server hosting plans, but not currently on our shared... Do you support JSP? Jsp is supported on Host 99's dedicated hosting plans, which allow any applications to be... Do you support Joomla!? Yes we support Joomla! which is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable. Joomla! is one... Do you support Movable Type with your web hosting? Yes, but we don't have any installers for it so you would have to install it yourself, manually. Do you support SFTP? SFTP is activated if you have SSH access. If not, you need SSH access and to be able to use SFTP. Do you support SSI (server side include) on html pages? Yes, Host 99 supports SSI (server side includes). Do you support Zend Optimizer? Yes, Host 99 supports Zend Optimizer v3.3.0. Do you support scripting in Lisp? Host 99 does not currently support scripting in Lisp. Does Host 99 support Dolphin? Host 99 dedicated hosting plans allow any application to be installed including dolphin. It is... Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration If you installed a new script and are getting the 500 error trying to load the page please see... For shared SSH access, is wget() command allowed? Yes, wget() command is allowed for shared SSH access. However, PCI compliant website owners are... How do I add another domain to my account? You can add unlimited addon domains to your Host 99 account. Firstly please ensure that the name... How do I autoinstall applications such as Wordpress or phpBB? All of Host 99 shared hosting plans and include a free utility called Fantastico or Softaculous,... How do I backup my site in cPanel? It is important to have your own backup procedure in place to protect yourself from losing all... How do I change my cPanel password? You can change your cPanel password at anytime. - Login to your control panel... How do I change permissions on files and folders? Login to your Control Panel at using your cPanel username and password.... How do I deny IP address access? Do you want to stop someone from visiting your website? This tool will block anyone from a... How do I get my site to automatically go to my first page? All your website's files and folders should be placed under the public_html directory in your... How do I login to my domain's cPanel? You can login to your cPanel by going to (yourdomain is your domain... How do I password protect a folder? Within your Host 99 control panel, you have the ability to password protect a folder within your... How do I read my web stats on Webalizer? You can view your website's statistics through the Webalizer feature in cPanel. This can be found... How do I setup Cron jobs ? A cron job allows you to run a certain command at times set by the job such as deleting temporary... How do I transfer my existing website's content to Host 99? If you have been using cPanel with your previous host then you need to create a full backup of... How do you download raw access logs? You can download raw access logs through your cPanel account. Login to your account at... How do you log use my website email or webmail? Working with Email Accounts=============================The following email will guide you in... How much is a dedicated IP? Dedicated ip's are $2.50/month you can order a Dedicated IP from your billing account at any... How to enable/disable Spam Assassin? Spam Assassin is not used on Host 99 servers, we use ASSP Spam Deluxe a much more powerful... I need to upload larger files, can you increase the PHP setting? If you would like to increase the PHP setting please submit a ticket to the yourhosting... I ordered an SSL or static IP and now my site is down. When you order an SSL we assign a static IP to your account. A static IP is required... I've lost my control panel/billing logins. If you have forgotten or lost your username or password you can have your welcome email resent,... Is SSH available for windows? Host 99 does not offer windows hosting, we only offer Linux hosting. MultiPHP INI Editor for cPanel Important: cPanel's MultiPHP INI Editor interface only exists on systems that run EasyApache... MultiPHP Selector Overview cPanel's MultiPHP Manager interface allows you to easily manage the PHP and PHP-FPM... My content is in the wrong folder, how do I move the files to the correct location? You would need to move your content to the public_html folder (for the main domain). You can move... Mysql database and user naming syntax Since we run a shared hosting environment, we have to uniquely identify your usernames to your... Should I store a local copy of my website? It is essential to keep a local copy of your website to protect it from any number of disasters.... What is HotLink Protection ? HotLink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website. Other... What is PHPSUEXEC? When using the common PHP installation on a webserver, PHP runs as the user nobody and it doesn't... What is SSH? Secure Shell (SSH), known as Secure Socket Shell, is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol... What is a Parked Domain? A parked domain points a new domain name to the same directory that your primary account points... What is the maximum php upload file size on your servers? The maximum php upload file size is 2 MB on our shared hosting servers. A higher file size is... What is the path to public html in php? The path to public html is: /home/your-cpanel-username/public_html What shopping cart programs do you have? If you login to you cPanel account at and select 'softaculous' under... What version of Apache do you support? Apache versions are updated frequently along with the update of controlpanel. Please logininto... What version of Ruby on Rails do you support? Host 99 supports the latest version of Ruby on Rails. The web program can be found in you cPanel... Where do I upload my files? All files and folders should be uploaded to the public_html directory.The public_html folder can... Why do you restrict outgoing port access? Why do you charge for a dedicated IP? We restrict outgoing port access as a result of the shared hosting environment. In this...

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