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(Shared PCI Hosting) pciBundle Requirement (SSL Certificates)

SSL provided by Host 99 on our standard pricing listed here do not include the pciBundle© provided by Host 99 required for PCI hosted accounts under the shared hosting enviorment. In order to be or remain compliant, the pciBundle© will be required to install the pciBundle© compiled with the CA Bundle provided by the SSL provider to remain and pass compliance according to the 12 point requirement of the PCI NVD database.

The pciBundle© is not included and does require a fee of $19.95 per year with any SSL provided. This fee is only charged once if a single year is purchased. For multiple years the price is only charged for a single install until the SSL expires and requires a new SSL.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This requirement is only for PCI Shared Hosted accounts. This requirement does not apply to dedicated servers.

If you have any questions please contact us regarding the pciBundle© and any other PCI related questions.

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