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I've lost my control panel/billing logins Print

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If you have forgotten or lost your username or password you can have your welcome email resent, which contains your cPanel and billing logins. To have your welcome email resent please submit a Hosting Support ticket to have one of our technicians resend your information.

NOTE: Your Host 99 billing account login is separated from the cPanel credentials. Two different areas and more security in the cPanel area.

You can see the Username / Password by doing the following.. A little navigation would take you right to the section.

1. Log in into your "Billing Account" located at
2. Once logged in please click on "Services". (Second menu below our banner)
3. Then click "My Services" from the drop down menu
3. On the "Services" page look for your web hosting package or packages and click the "View Details" beside that package.
4. Now, on the "Product Details" page you will see a tab Username / Password
5. This is the log information for your cPanel.

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