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Unblocking Power Released

  • 8th March 2012
Host 99 has listened to our customer's requests over the years and we finally came up with a solution for our customer's ip blocking related problems from time to time. This new feature implemented into the Host 99 website can from now on be used by our customer's to unblock their IP from our servers if the time ever comes you cannot display your ...
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Billing System Modifications And Changes

  • 1st January 2012
Please review the contents below entirely to assure you understand the changes that will take effect on March 1, 2012. Due to changes with bank and credit card processing centers, we will no longer be able to charge the 5 day grace period before your due date posted on your invoices. To avoid a system confusion and stop false suspensions against ...
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  • 5th January 2010
All account holders with multiple employees or account managers must add their employees or account managers to their account in order for them to receive support from our Support and Billing Technicians. Failing to add your account managers and employees will result in a non-support response. This includes website Designers, IT's, Developers, ...
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