New Server Migration To Take Effect

Server18 server accounts will be transfer to server25 within the next couple of weeks. Due to strict security changes passed by the NVD (National Vulnerability Database) we are required to upgrade our hardware to be able to handle all security configurations and requirements for PCI compliance accounts currently being hosted on this particular server and non PCI compliant customers are effected as well. We do not expect long downtime as is already propagated into our networks and hosting central data centers nation wide.

Please prepare for some downtime as when the dedicated ip’s that are currently assigned will require a change and this could cause downtime until propagation has taken effect this includes emails, website traffic, cPanel and any other account related software attached to your account. Host 99 takes all security very seriously and when security changes are required we are to react as fast as possible to insure all customers that will be effected to be moved to the new and improved secured servers. All hardware including Ram, Hard Drives and Backup procedures will be effected and is the main reason we must move to a newer and improved server or servers. Host 99 has been developing these new servers for more then 4 years and in the year 2012 it is time to execute the migration to the new technology available for website hosting.

Please note no DNS name server changes are required by you for your domain. Only thing you are required to do is prepare for the downtime while we migrate accounts over to the new server. There will be no warning for each individual website as we cannot guarantee when your account will be moved on any particular date or time. Even though, the migration process is begin on or around 02/03/2012. If you experience loading performance issues, email performance issues or any website related issues the main reason is due to the migration of the new server mentioned above. There will be no changes how you are to log into cPanel or webmail the URL to gain access will remain the same such as and

If you have any questions please submit a ticket to our Hosting Support technicians but please no phone calls during this process as it can take away from the migration process moves forward, we do not want to delay the process and finish the process as quickly as possible.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused to you or any of your customers during the migration process and we will move forward and restore all accounts as soon as possible.


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