Host 99 Server 24 Important Notification

Host 99 Customer,


email is a notification we are preparing a complete server transfer for
all accounts on Server 24. Due to hardware outdated and no longer
available we are transferring all accounts to a new server with updated
technology and performance upgrades including hardware and server
resources to allow you to perform better on a daily basis.

read below the complete notification and reasons. No name server
changes are required. If you have a specific date you want to be
transferred please SUBMIT  ticket to Hosting Support to alert our
technicians of your date to transfer. Propagation will be required so
please prepare for this when making your date. We estimate propagation
once transferred will be completed in less then 24 hours as we have set
the TTL to propagate much faster then normal but this IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Host 99 Web Hosting server transfer migration notification:

Start Date: 5/7/2013
Start time: 00:00 a.m. EST
Estimated end time: 07:00 a.m. EST

New Server:
Type of work: Server transfer migration
Purpose of work: Improve performance due to outdated hardware.
DNS Name Server Changes Required: NONE – Will Default To New Server
Propagation period

In order to maintain the best possible hosting environment for our
clients, we will be migrating all of our clients on server to the new within the next week. The
move will involve a simple transfer of your site files and databases. NO NAME SERVER CHANGES ARE REQUIRED. At this time, nothing is required on your end.

We would also like to advise all clients to make regular backups of
their websites and all data just in case.

Please DO NOT change your name servers (DNS) they will remain the same.

We have lowered the TTL (time to live) on your domain records so that
all your visitors will be pointed to the new servers as soon as the
migration process is completed. You WILL NOT be required to change your name
servers (DNS)  in order for your website to
avoid downtime.

All services will be shut down during the transfer to avoid data loss.
You MAY experience downtime during the process
where you will not be able to access your website/ftp/cpanel/email. Once
everything is restored, you will be able to access your
website/ftp/cpanel/email immediately afterwards.

 We ask all customers on Server 24 to check all of their files and report any
problems before Wednesday, May 14th, 2013 as it is uncertain to the
accessibility of the old server.  If you wish to receive additional updates, please subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or our Blog. We will NOT be
sending an further emails regarding this notice. Any tickets opened
during the process will not be answered until the process has been

Transfers will be the cause if any downtime occurs.
suggest you use one of our social media options to receive additional
e-mail updates. We will not take any responsibility if you do not stay
updated with one of our options as we will be posting  updates as they
occur. Transfer Technicians ARE NOT available by telephone. Please consider one of the social media connections to stay updated at all times.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do submit a
ticket. We will answer all support tickets regarding this transfer as
soon as we possibly can.

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