Host 99 Notification: cPanel Access Change – PCI Compliant Customers Only

Dear Host 99 PCI Customer,

In the upcoming months we will be working on a terminal where cPanel can only be accessed through your billing account cPanel login gateway. Due to new ways of access and breaching with hackers and exploiters we are taking the extra step and will be disabling all ports that allow browser access to the cPanel to avoid any interruptions of service or breaching of databases, files and emails or any other business or personal related features and services you maybe using to operate your store or online business platforms.

Therefore, Host 99 support technicians will continue to update you as the process begins and during the time of transforming into a strictly based SCL platform to offer further security for you and Host 99 servers and networks. During this time please be patient while we make the changes. Not in any way will cPanel be interrupted until the final release date, in which we will notify you within 14 days of the switch to allow you some time to see how the new platform operates and functions.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding this notice please feel free to contact us by submitting a support ticket only. We will reply accordingly to your request, questions and concerns regarding your requests. We do appreciate your business and we are always looking for ways to secure and strengthen our security to benefit our customers to remain PCI compliant and offering services in the future to help you grow your business and online presence.

Best Regards and Happy Memorial Day

Host 99 L.T. Support

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