Google Now Using HTTPS As A Ranking Signal

Google officially announced that using a secure https://  (SSL Certificate) increases the ranking of your site.

It still seems, though, that for all the good this does, others will now make use of this as an argument for other kinds of “nudging” behavior by Google. For years, the legacy entertainment industry has pushed Google to better rank “good” sites and to down rank “pirate” sites — which the industry still seems to think is a simple black and white calculation (it’s not). Google can point out that SSL v. non-SSL is obvious, but fully expect those who seem to think Google should be designed in their own interests, as opposed to those of Google’s users, to jump on this as proof that Google can solve other problems.

This still is a good move, though. Encouraging more encryption on the web is always the right move. It is just still a bit surprising that Google would take this step, and wonder how others will react to it.



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