Email Client Configuration – Email Over SSL (Now Required)

We have now implemented a strong suite for email over SSL. The change is simple and it allows you to protect your emails with stronger encryption. All email accounts must be set to allow SSL. We highly recommend using POP over IMAP for these configurations

When setting up your email client to send and receive email over SSL the following ports will need to be used:

“My Server Requires Authentication” must be checked and active (Thunderbird does not require this setting)

Incoming Port List:

  • POP: 995
  • IMAP: 143
  • Security IMAP Type SSL: STARTTLS

Outgoing Port List:

  • POP: 25 or 26
  • IMAP: 26 or 993
  • Security IMAP Type SSL: STARTTLS

Make the changes for Microsoft Outlook to resemble the configurations in the image below.

















In Thunderbird:

Make sure your settings look like the image below. Be sure to accept any SSL certificates if asked. The SSL certificate will not be a domain dedicated SSL. It will be for the server your account is hosted on for best practices for virus spam protection.
















All other email clients are to be set to the settings above or similar. If you are not able to get the SSL to work on your particular client please contact your local I.T. for support. Host 99 only offers support for it’s configurations not the email client itself.

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