Discontinued Use Of PHP Transport Email Method – PCI Only – (UPDATED ON 12/15/2012)

Dear Host 99 PCI Customer,

In the upcoming months we will be changing how PCI website software such as eCommerce based software sends emails from the software itself starting on December 14, 2012. 30 days from today’s date. The PHP transport method will be removed and you will be required to use SMTP Transport method due to problems being found in NVD CVE-2007-4291 and many other CVE related vulnerabilities and spam abuse. To fix and avoid interruptions please follow the basic samples below to change your settings for your emails to work.

Instruction Tutorial:

Basically you will setup the software email settings like a email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Settings may not be exactly but they are similar.. These are examples only and if you need assistance please contact the software support team or forums or if you have a developer or software consultant you will need to contact them to setup your software properly.

  • Emails must send from known domain? (if Available) to yes
  • SMTP Email Account Mailbox: Full email address you choose using the @ and not the + symbol that is actually setup in the cPanel under “Email Management Tools”
  • SMTP Email Account Password: password assigned to the email you used for the email address in the above step set in the cPanel
  • SMTP Email Mail Host: mail.yourdomain.com (Change yourdomain.com to your actual domain)
  • SMTP Email Mail Server Port: Use either 25, 26, or 587 depending on your development or add on if any.

Once you have set this up correctly your software will send emails more securely, spam free and help authenticate your domain and keep it from the black lists of banned domains. Please Note: Host 99 Developers cannot setup your software unless you are a contracted customer under a development agreement or developers service when needed agreement. if you are in need of this service please contact our sales department for further details.

We wish you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Host 99 L.T. Support

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