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Industry Standards are Changing to 2048-bit

Old 1024-bit SSL certificates will no longer be supported by browsers in 2014

There is a new standard in town. All certificates from here on out will be at least 2048-bit encryption (or ECC), rather than the older 1024-bit. This is a new requirement that will be permanently in place by January 1, 2014, set forth by the one and only Certificate/Browser (CA/B) Forum. All new certs and renewals that are being issued are already 2048-bit, so no need to worry.

Overall, this is good news, because this just simply means SSL is getting stronger. As computers continue to become more powerful, the old 1024-bit certs become more vulnerable to being hacked by sophisticated computer processing capabilities. So, the easy answer is to beef up encryption so that these computers aren’t powerful enough to hack….it will take another 10-15 years or so before a computer would have enough muscle to even think about it again.

What do you need to do?

First, you need to determine if you have any active 1024-bit certificates. Then depending on when those certificates expire, you will need to renew or reissue by October 1st, 2013.

  • If you are buying or renewing before January 1, 2014, you will just need to use a 2048-bit Certificate Signing Request (CSR) when buying/renewing.
  • If your certificate expires after January 1, 2014, you’ll need to revoke and reissue the certificate with a 2048-bit key length certificate by October 1st, 2013. It is 100% absolutely FREE to do this and you will still get all of the time remaining on your current cert. All you have to do is login to your control panel and reissue your certificate and use a 2048-bit CSR.

Your step-by-step instructions:

We just want to make sure you are 100% clear on what to do, so we made some step-by-step instructions.

  1. Check if you have a 1024-bit certificate expiring before January 1, 2014. You should receive an email from us if you do, but you can also check using this SSL Certificate Checker to check the key length of your cert. If yes, proceed to #2.
  2. Make sure your server can support a 2048-bit certificate. Most servers can handle it, but in some cases it might not be able to. If you are not sure, just contact our support team by logging into your Host 99 Client Area.
  3. Revoke your current certificate and then reissue. After you revoke the certificate from your server, login to your control panel on our site and reissue the cert in question.
  4. Generate your CSR. Make sure to use a 2048-bit CSR and you should be all set. You will not have to go through the vetting process again and you will get all the time remaining on your current cert. Please do this by October 1st, 2013.

In a nutshell

  • Renew certificates with a 2048-bit key length that expire before December 31, 2013.
  • Revoke and Reissue all 1024-bit certificates that expire after January 1, 2014 by October 1, 2013.

Please act promptly as this will be easy to forget and the certificate will be at risk of not being recognized by all browsers soon. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to submit a support request to our support staff via your Host 99 Client Area.

Thank you for your cooperation,
The Host 99 Security Team

Domain Registration Price Increase

Effective July 1st, ORG, NET, NAME Domain Registry prices will increase. Tomorrow is the day that the domain registry prices for the .com, .net and .biz TLDs go up by circa 50 cents. All domains including renewals and pending invoices will also be increased to meet the new threshold. We do apologize for the inconvenience on the domain registration and renewal costs. This method and decision is out of any providers control.

The TLD’s effected are as follows:
Pricing Update Results
Updated Domains with TLD .com – xxx Affected
Updated Domains with TLD .net – xxx Affected
Updated Domains with TLD .biz – xxx Affected

If you have any questions regarding these price increases please submit a support ticket to the Domain Registration Support Team and they will be happy to assist you.

Best Regards,
Mark Hampton | Service Representative® | a E-Online Source solution
PCI Certified Hosting
Security and PCI Specialists

Host 99 and Affiliates are Proud to Announce our New Partnership

In our ongoing efforts to create high converting website hosting services, more and more of our clients have asked us to integrate extra security with redundant experience. We are excited to finally be able to do that with our recommendation of Cloudflare.

CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network. We automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. We also block threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources. The result: CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

CloudFlare’s system gets faster and smarter as our community of users grows larger. We have designed the system to scale with our goal in mind: helping power and protect the entire Internet. CloudFlare can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform. From start to finish, setup takes most website owners less than 5 minutes. Adding your website requires only a simple change to your domain’s DNS settings. There is no hardware or software to install or maintain and you do not need to change any of your site’s existing code. If you are ever unhappy you can turn CloudFlare off as easily as you turned it on. Our core service is free and we offer enhanced services for websites who need extra features like real time reporting or SSL

These new services will be available on the release of our brand new website loaded extra features, services and partnerships. Stay tuned for further updates until we release our brand new incentive services to better serve you.

Thank you for being a Host 99 customer, we appreciate your loyalty and business.

Mark Hampton | Service Representative® | a E-Online Source Solution

Host 99 New Website Release

Host 99 will be releasing it’s new website with fully installed bootleg technology. Easier navigation brand new design. PCI Customers, Resellers and Dedicated customers have been heard and we listened. Stay tuned for the release date. We appreciate your loyalty and we tirelessly always looking for ways to make your experience with us much easier then the day before.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Host 99 Server 24 Important Notification

Host 99 Customer,


email is a notification we are preparing a complete server transfer for
all accounts on Server 24. Due to hardware outdated and no longer
available we are transferring all accounts to a new server with updated
technology and performance upgrades including hardware and server
resources to allow you to perform better on a daily basis.

read below the complete notification and reasons. No name server
changes are required. If you have a specific date you want to be
transferred please SUBMIT  ticket to Hosting Support to alert our
technicians of your date to transfer. Propagation will be required so
please prepare for this when making your date. We estimate propagation
once transferred will be completed in less then 24 hours as we have set
the TTL to propagate much faster then normal but this IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Host 99 Web Hosting server transfer migration notification:

Start Date: 5/7/2013
Start time: 00:00 a.m. EST
Estimated end time: 07:00 a.m. EST

New Server:
Type of work: Server transfer migration
Purpose of work: Improve performance due to outdated hardware.
DNS Name Server Changes Required: NONE – Will Default To New Server
Propagation period

In order to maintain the best possible hosting environment for our
clients, we will be migrating all of our clients on server to the new within the next week. The
move will involve a simple transfer of your site files and databases. NO NAME SERVER CHANGES ARE REQUIRED. At this time, nothing is required on your end.

We would also like to advise all clients to make regular backups of
their websites and all data just in case.

Please DO NOT change your name servers (DNS) they will remain the same.

We have lowered the TTL (time to live) on your domain records so that
all your visitors will be pointed to the new servers as soon as the
migration process is completed. You WILL NOT be required to change your name
servers (DNS)  in order for your website to
avoid downtime.

All services will be shut down during the transfer to avoid data loss.
You MAY experience downtime during the process
where you will not be able to access your website/ftp/cpanel/email. Once
everything is restored, you will be able to access your
website/ftp/cpanel/email immediately afterwards.

 We ask all customers on Server 24 to check all of their files and report any
problems before Wednesday, May 14th, 2013 as it is uncertain to the
accessibility of the old server.  If you wish to receive additional updates, please subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or our Blog. We will NOT be
sending an further emails regarding this notice. Any tickets opened
during the process will not be answered until the process has been

Transfers will be the cause if any downtime occurs.
suggest you use one of our social media options to receive additional
e-mail updates. We will not take any responsibility if you do not stay
updated with one of our options as we will be posting  updates as they
occur. Transfer Technicians ARE NOT available by telephone. Please consider one of the social media connections to stay updated at all times.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do submit a
ticket. We will answer all support tickets regarding this transfer as
soon as we possibly can.

Server 14 Scheduled Maintenance (Resolved)

Host 99 Customer,

Server 14 will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Thursday, January 9th, 2013 starting at 10:59pm EST (GMT-5). We will be switching some hardware and you may temporarily experience minor intermittent issues during this time. Due to some hardware failure We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will work as fast as humanly possible to restore the server back to normal. Once restored performance will be more sufficient and accurate with your website requirements.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Troubleshoot – Email Problems

Using external SMTP mail servers

Some people prefer to use resources such as gmail or yahoo mail etc for sending their business emails. There are differing schools of thought about the merits of doing so. If you deem that this is the best practice for your business, the following information may be of help to you.

NOTE: If you are self-hosting on a local PC server for development purposes, remember that your ISP (internet provider) usually blocks outgoing traffic on port 25, which is commonly used for email. Anything on port 25 destined for any server other than the ISP’s own email server is generally blocked in order to control spam. You will need to choose another port and use SMTPAUTH and specify the correct SMTP server credentials.

Yahoo Hosting

If you are using Yahoo as a webhost, doing a search in the Yahoo help pages for PHP/Perl set up may help. Also setting up a tmp file in your Yahoo account may shed a bunch of light on things and give you answers right away as to why the e-mail isn’t sending.

  • In your Yahoo control panel, check if the email address you are using is set as “Pop/Webmail”, and not just “Mail Administrator”. You may have to create a new one.
  • The Zen Cart option Emails must send from known domain must be set to YES, and mail transport should be SMTPAUTH.
  • Yahoo Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:
  • SMTP Port 25 or 587 (You MIGHT be able to use 465, but may have to check with tech support first.)

If you’re hosting someplace other than Yahoo but trying to send email through your Yahoo email address, work with your hosting company to configure your DomainKeys and SPF settings to allow the emails to be accepted instead of being rejected as forged spam messages.

Google Mail / Gmail

Gmail / Google Apps Mail requires that your email communications occur over a secure channel, which means you need to send on port 465 or 587, and with SSL/TLS. The latest version of Zen Cart supports this by using the following settings in Admin->Configuration->Email Options:

  • Email Transport: SMTPAUTH
  • Email Linefeeds: CRLF
  • SMTP Username: your gmail/google-apps-mail username
  • SMTP Password: your gmail/google-apps-mail password
  • SMTP Host:
  • SMTP Port 465 or 587

More technical information is available in Google’s Help Center

You may have to have your host make some changes to your domain’s MX records if you are using Google hosted mail. Details for that are on Google’s help site.

You may also have to open your webserver’s firewall to allow access to Google’s servers and whatever port you’re using to communicate with them. Please contact Host 99 Support via Support Ticket to request this

PHP 4 – 5.2.x End of Life Announcement And Support – CRITICAL NOTICE

Important Notice to all Host 99 Customers,This announcement effects all Web Services Host 99 offers. Including shared, reseller, Dedicated and PCI regulated customers.

For a technology that has been in stable release since May 22, 2000, PHP 4 has finally reached the end of its official life. With the release of PHP 5.3.x, official support has ended and the final security patch for the platform issued.

On January 1, 2013, PHP 4 and PHP 5.2.xx will no longer be supported on the Host 99 network. All servers will be update to PHP 5.3.x. Back in 2010, all development stopped on PHP 4. Since that time, no features have been added, no bugs have been fixed, and no security holes have been patched up.

After supporting it for years, cPanel recently removed PHP4 as an option from EasyApache. Since Host 99 relies on cPanel to administer a good number of our servers, we too have stopped fully supporting PHP 4.

While it is in your best interest to move to the most recent version of PHP 5, it may not be possible to do so immediately. cPanel does give us an unsupported way to run PHP 4 in the interim. The goal of this unsupported module is to provide a bit of breathing room while code is migrated over to PHP 5. When all your site code is running on PHP 5, be sure to remove PHP 4 from the server. Leaving PHP 4 on your server when it is not needed could open your server up to security vulnerabilities.

What does this do for me and my website?

There are several features in PHP 5 that improve the maintainability of applications. These include the new object model mentioned above which supports features such as abstract classes, interfaces, and encapsulation (private and protected methods and properties). This paper will not dive into the technical details of these features since other sources provide excellent examples of the new functionality. The important thing to note is that these features make it easier to apply software architecture to a PHP application. In other words, it becomes easier to write properly structured, high-quality code. The code base will be cleaner,easier to read, and consequently simpler to maintain. Learn more…

How does this effect you?

The effects of switching from PHP 4 to PHP 5 will halt any software used including eCommerce software if the software you are using is not PHP 5 compatible. From today October, 25, 2012 until January 1, 2013 you will have to upgrade your software to be PHP compatible.

Host 99 Development Services

If you are under any services of the Host 99 Web Development Team and Operations your software is already up to date to meet PHP 5 requirements as long as it was after May of 2012. Any development, upgrades before May of 2012 will not work or operate properly with PHP 5. For more information regarding PHP 4 to PHP 5 transitions, please review our knowledgebase for basic information why in more detail we are moving to PHP 5.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement Support is always available to assist customers with this or any other issue. If you need our assistance please contact our support technicians via email and they will be happy to assist with any questions.

Best Regards,
Host 99 Operations
PCI Certified Hosting
Security and PCI Specialists

Discontinued Use Of PHP Transport Email Method – PCI Only – (UPDATED ON 12/15/2012)

Dear Host 99 PCI Customer,

In the upcoming months we will be changing how PCI website software such as eCommerce based software sends emails from the software itself starting on December 14, 2012. 30 days from today’s date. The PHP transport method will be removed and you will be required to use SMTP Transport method due to problems being found in NVD CVE-2007-4291 and many other CVE related vulnerabilities and spam abuse. To fix and avoid interruptions please follow the basic samples below to change your settings for your emails to work.

Instruction Tutorial:

Basically you will setup the software email settings like a email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Settings may not be exactly but they are similar.. These are examples only and if you need assistance please contact the software support team or forums or if you have a developer or software consultant you will need to contact them to setup your software properly.

  • Emails must send from known domain? (if Available) to yes
  • SMTP Email Account Mailbox: Full email address you choose using the @ and not the + symbol that is actually setup in the cPanel under “Email Management Tools”
  • SMTP Email Account Password: password assigned to the email you used for the email address in the above step set in the cPanel
  • SMTP Email Mail Host: (Change to your actual domain)
  • SMTP Email Mail Server Port: Use either 25, 26, or 587 depending on your development or add on if any.

Once you have set this up correctly your software will send emails more securely, spam free and help authenticate your domain and keep it from the black lists of banned domains. Please Note: Host 99 Developers cannot setup your software unless you are a contracted customer under a development agreement or developers service when needed agreement. if you are in need of this service please contact our sales department for further details.

We wish you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Host 99 L.T. Support

Host 99 Notification: cPanel Access Change – PCI Compliant Customers Only

Dear Host 99 PCI Customer,

In the upcoming months we will be working on a terminal where cPanel can only be accessed through your billing account cPanel login gateway. Due to new ways of access and breaching with hackers and exploiters we are taking the extra step and will be disabling all ports that allow browser access to the cPanel to avoid any interruptions of service or breaching of databases, files and emails or any other business or personal related features and services you maybe using to operate your store or online business platforms.

Therefore, Host 99 support technicians will continue to update you as the process begins and during the time of transforming into a strictly based SCL platform to offer further security for you and Host 99 servers and networks. During this time please be patient while we make the changes. Not in any way will cPanel be interrupted until the final release date, in which we will notify you within 14 days of the switch to allow you some time to see how the new platform operates and functions.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding this notice please feel free to contact us by submitting a support ticket only. We will reply accordingly to your request, questions and concerns regarding your requests. We do appreciate your business and we are always looking for ways to secure and strengthen our security to benefit our customers to remain PCI compliant and offering services in the future to help you grow your business and online presence.

Best Regards and Happy Memorial Day

Host 99 L.T. Support

UPDATED – FTP Changes Take Effect On 04/25/2012

Host 99 has made some changes to our FTP log-in system regarding PCI Compliance Regulated websites. Due to security and CVE releases we must enforce this rule to offer extra security. Not only do we offer back end encryption while logging into your FTP using a FTP client we have now setup front end encryption as well. Please use on the following configurations to connect to your FTP using a FTP client such as cute-ftp and Filezilla.

Please do the following to log into FTP using your FTP client there is two different ways you can do this and it depends on the FTP client your using.

1. You need to choose the server type as “FTPES -FTP over explicit TLS/SSL” when try to connect to your ftp account using port 21

If this is not available then try to use the second option

2. “FTP with TLS/SSL” (Auth TLS – Explicit) using port 21

3. Dreamweaver Instructions located in our Knowledgebase

FTP Username and password are the same as the previous configurations.

Important Note: We will be enforcing where each account must have it’s own FTP username and password the root cPanel log-in will no longer work once this has been released. You can set each FTP to have it’s own account under your cPanel File Management section by clicking on FTP accounts.

If you have any questions please submit a support ticket and one of our support technicians will be happy to assist you with your questions.

PHP 4 End of Life Announcement And Support

cPanel to End Support for PHP 4

cPanel announces that EasyApache will no longer support PHP 4 beginning May, 2012.

PHP 4 has not been actively developed, or supported by the PHP developers, for several years. Many CVEs reported against newer versions of PHP are also applicable in version 4, but remain unaddressed by the PHP developers.

EasyApache will soon warn administrators that PHP 4 has reached End of Life when PHP 4 is selected. As early as EasyApache 3.12, PHP 4 will be removed from EasyApache. For an indeterminate period PHP 4 will be available as a Custom Option Module on This Custom Option Module is provided as a convenience for those who may need a longer period of time to transition away from PHP 4.
Note To All Host 99 Customers: Host 99 will also be moving forward with this announcement. All customers using software that is not PHP 5.xx compatible, your software (WebSite) will not function. Please make sure you are using the latest versions of your software brand to avoid any interruption of service. If you have any questions regarding this announcement we have Support Members standing by ready to assist you.

New Site Released

We have released our “Brand New” website loaded with extra billing features and easier account management just for you! If you have any comments or feedback, or notice any errors, please let us know…

New Server Migration To Take Effect

Server18 server accounts will be transfer to server25 within the next couple of weeks. Due to strict security changes passed by the NVD (National Vulnerability Database) we are required to upgrade our hardware to be able to handle all security configurations and requirements for PCI compliance accounts currently being hosted on this particular server and non PCI compliant customers are effected as well. We do not expect long downtime as is already propagated into our networks and hosting central data centers nation wide.

Please prepare for some downtime as when the dedicated ip’s that are currently assigned will require a change and this could cause downtime until propagation has taken effect this includes emails, website traffic, cPanel and any other account related software attached to your account. Host 99 takes all security very seriously and when security changes are required we are to react as fast as possible to insure all customers that will be effected to be moved to the new and improved secured servers. All hardware including Ram, Hard Drives and Backup procedures will be effected and is the main reason we must move to a newer and improved server or servers. Host 99 has been developing these new servers for more then 4 years and in the year 2012 it is time to execute the migration to the new technology available for website hosting.

Please note no DNS name server changes are required by you for your domain. Only thing you are required to do is prepare for the downtime while we migrate accounts over to the new server. There will be no warning for each individual website as we cannot guarantee when your account will be moved on any particular date or time. Even though, the migration process is begin on or around 02/03/2012. If you experience loading performance issues, email performance issues or any website related issues the main reason is due to the migration of the new server mentioned above. There will be no changes how you are to log into cPanel or webmail the URL to gain access will remain the same such as and

If you have any questions please submit a ticket to our Hosting Support technicians but please no phone calls during this process as it can take away from the migration process moves forward, we do not want to delay the process and finish the process as quickly as possible.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused to you or any of your customers during the migration process and we will move forward and restore all accounts as soon as possible.

Host 99 Partners With Attracta SEO

Host 99 is proud to announce our partnership with Attracta SEO. With our partnership we are eligible to add Free SEO tools within our cPanel platform. In a  few days customers will now be able to use Attracta SEO tools right from their cPanel and not even leave the page and benefit from these SEO tools to boost their website.

The tools have the have the following options

  • Get In Google
  • SEO Tools
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Google Sitemap
  • Link Building
  • Facebook Traffic
  • SEO Tips

A few details about Attracta SEO options

  1. They crawl your website finding all of its pages, including pages that can’t be found by search engines’ crawlers, to create an XML Sitemap and SEO dashboard report.
  2. They submit your XML Sitemap directly to the XML interface of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask— plus help you find and fix SEO errors.
  3. The search engines use your XML Sitemap to drive more qualified traffic to your site by indexing more pages in search results with improved page ranking.

Each Attracta account includes an advanced online SEO dashboard that monitors and reports on your website’s indexed pages. It also reports broken links and error pages, plus helps find and fix common SEO problems.

Attracta’s services are a perfect solution for the enterprise. Whether you have hundreds of websites or one site with millions of pages you know the challenges in maintaining current sitemaps. This  technology was built from the ground up to meet the challenges of large sites.

With Host 99 all plans we offer including shared hosting will have access to all Attracta SEO tools.

Best Business Hosting

If you are running a business on the internet you will need the best business hosting server that you can afford.

You need to make sure that you have enough disk space, bandwidth and email capabilities as well as having a web site that is easy for your customers to use. Your customers will want to be assured that their private information is secure, so this is an important aspect of the best business hosting server. Prices for business web hosts can often be a little more expensive than for a personal or small business web host. Still, they are affordable if you check out different package plans. Many are offering discounts if you sign up at their sites online.

What features will you need from the best business hosting server? Either begin with unlimited disk space and bandwidth or make sure that it is available as an upgrade later. You may not need the unlimited benefits when you first begin your business but will later on, and you won’t want to move to another web host when this happens.

You will want to know if you will be on a shared server or a dedicated one. Most business hosting servers will offer you a choice because as your business grows so will the demand for a dedicated server. You want to have plenty of options for setting up a dynamic web site. The best business hosting needs to offer PHP, Perl, Front Page, and other options. Some of the best business hosting servers will give you ad credits for Google and Yahoo. These can help get your business noticed, so take advantage of these types of offers if the best business host has everything else you need.

A Linux operating system is what is most often used for business web hosts although there are some that run Windows. Be sure that you can get excellent customer support from your best business hosting company so that any problems can be addressed quickly. A host of options and great service should be part of the best business hosting server

Dedicated Server Dedi H1

ONLY: $155.00/mo
Disk Space  1 x 250 GB
Data Transfer 1000 GB
Memory 2GB
Compare Dedicated Plans | Buy Dedi 1 Server Plan

Superior services provided with every server…
Personal Website & Ecommerce Ready
Fully Managed
Government-Class Datacenter
N+1 Redundancy with Network Failover
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Secure Private Network
Dedicated Account Specialists
Lightning Fast Provisioning
Robust Server Control Panel

PCI Dedicated Server Dedi H1

ONLY: $240.00 – $199.00/mo
Disk Space 1 x 250GB
Data Transfer 1,000 GB
Memory 2GB
Compare PCI Dedicated Plans | Buy PCI Dedi 1 Server Plan

Superior services provided with every server…
PCI & Ecommerce Ready
Fully Managed
Government-Class Datacenter
N+1 Redundancy with Network Failover
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Secure Private Network
Dedicated Account Specialists
Lightning Fast Provisioning
Robust Server Control Panel

Host 99 PCI-DSS Dedicated Server will pass all vendors including:
Security Metrics
and many others.