Are Bigger Hosting Companies Better Web Hosts?

Big web hosting companies’ get all the attention in an industry they seem to dominate. With exposure, rankings, and search engine results they can often create whatever reputation they want for themselves. HiRes-300x276 Invariably, most customers go with the big web hosting companies, because these are the only providers they know about from their limited research. But does a bigger hosting company necessarily mean that the company is better? Here is a look at some aspects that might make you choose a smaller company.

Isn’t Bigger Better?

Often times our mentality leads us to think that bigger is always better. After all, how did they get so big in the first place? They must be doing something right. But just because a web hosting company did something right at some point, does not mean they have it all figured out now.

One advantage of going with a smaller company is the fact that they don’t have a huge budget for their advertising. Because smaller companies don’t have bottomless advertising funds, they must take care of their existing customers and rely on word-of-mouth from current customers to get new ones. They will ensure that you get the best offers, prompt customer care, personalized services and do anything else you need, because you are important to their future.

A big hosting company with 1,000,000 users, on the other hand, knows that if you walk away there are 50 new people signing up while you are busy complaining. Your business is not as valuable to a big company as it is to a smaller company. So, in many cases the customer service of the big company does suffer.

The Big Company vs. the Smaller Company

Numerous big web hosting companies offer tons of space and bandwidth that customers don’t necessarily need. Most customers will overlook their actual requirements and settle for quantity over quality.

The big companies also offer excessive quantity to outgun each other; once one does it, all the others have to follow to keep up. Customers need to understand their needs and not get lured in by excessive offers that lack quality. After all, when was the last time you uploaded a 2000 GB file?

Another commonly misconceived notion is that small companies do not offer 24/7 support. In today’s market, big and small companies tend to offer 24/7 customer support. But with big companies, you tend to run the risk of speaking to someone who is poorly trained with no technical background.

While you can’t guarantee that every small hosting company is better than a big hosting company, we just think it is important that you don’t over look small hosting companies during your search. At the end of the day, it isn’t just about the 100000000000GB bandwidth or 100000000GB space that makes a difference in your company, but it’s the quality of service that makes the difference.

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