6 Vital Email Archiving Questions For Small Businesses

Email archiving solutions sound like they fit a certain type of company. It sounds like exactly the kind of thing you expect to find in a box marked ‘enterprise solutions’. But that doesn’t mean that small businesses should ignore it. If you own a small business, ask yourself these email archiving questions.

How Important is Email in my Business?

Some businesses often answer this email archiving question without thinking. They don’t use email to sell, so they assume it’s not important. In truth, the answer to this one is ‘very’. Every modern business uses email every single day. It’s used to discuss issues, inform staff and even invoice and make payment. No business could operate successfully without email.

What Legal Requirements Do I Have?

Another email archiving question that small businesses often answer incorrectly. A lot of small businesses like to think that they aren’t in a regulated industry. The truth is, some industries are more regulated than others but every business is required to retain business records. Legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) mean small business must retain vital documents like email.

 How do I compile eDiscovery Requests?

If your company is ever involved in a lawsuit, how will you compile the required electronic documents? Email is regularly used as evidence in modern lawsuits, which makes it a really common component of email archiving requests. The emails involved might be from years before the case. If they can be recovered easily, it’s likely to be a costly process when done manually.

Do I Have an Email Retention Policy?

If you don’t have a policy, you could be opening yourself up to serious legal difficulties. If you’re leaving it up to your staff which email they keep and which they destroy, you could be left red faced when the request comes from the regulator.

How am I Archiving Email at the Moment?

You need to be aware of where you’re storing email at the moment, and what limitations that creates. If you’re backing up to tape, you need to store it and be aware of the time-consuming process of running the tape to find information on it. You also need to be ready to replace it when it fills up. If you’re using online backup, you avoid most of those issues. But unless your backup is accurately archived, it will still take time to recover specific emails.

Do I need a Dedicated Archive?

The most important email archiving question is ‘do I need one?’. If the answer to any of the above question made you uncomfortable, the answer is yes. An email archive stores your email in a secure, compliant manner. It makes eDiscovery easy because the archive is designed for easy search and recovery of email. It makes answering each of these questions easy too.

Article Credit: Kim Dunn

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